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CAFKA: Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener + Area

Development notes: 

I developed the Drupal theme and implementation for this site based on a design done by MonsterFarm. There are a few interesting things about this site. One is the unique colour application for each section. This was implemented using the context module, which allows you to define "sections" of a site based on various factors, and then do various things in those contexts.

Another interesting problem was the navigation in the Exhibitions section (see top screenshot at right). Within an exhibition, artists are listed in a paged view, with three artists listed per page. The navigation on the right lists all the artists in an exhibtion. It was a challenge to set up the navigation so that the link would point to the artists listing where it appeared in the paged navigation. This required a somewhat complex arrangement of Views.

A new home page was developed in September, 2012 to bring more of the site's content to the forefront. The old home page consisted of a full screen image with a few news headlines displayed below.

Overall this is a relatively simple looking site with a lot of interesting development problems "under the hood". It's always a challenge to work with the designers at Monsterfarm. They always come up with interesting challenges that require creative and intelligent use of Drupal's site-building tools.