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Pursuits Inc.

December, 2011

Client: MonsterFarm

Tags: Drupal,theme

Development notes: 

This is another Drupal site-build and theme based on a design by Monsterfarm. It's a small site but there are a some very interesting things going on. 

The front page features a pulsing background image and drop-down JavaScript navigation menu, both implemented using JavaScript. 

The Exhibtions pages is one of the most innovative and challenging thigns I've ever had the pleasure of developing in Drupal (see first screenshot at right). This page primarily consists of a full-page slideshow with a scrolling content overlay. The content section is comprised of some simple text followed by an expanding Colorbox-based gallery, videos (also enlarged using Colorbox), and a list of related news items. Implementing all of this in Drupal was quite a challenge!

The slideshow was mplemented using Views Slideshow in Drupal with some help from the fullscreenr jQuery plugin. The Colorbox module is used for the image gallery and the video enlargements. Since the news items are tagged with related exhibitions (and not vice-versa), a complex View was required to find the news items that reference with the current exhibition. 

This site definitely pushed the limits of my Drupal site-building and theming skills. It was a lot of fun to work on, and I'd certainly welcome other challenging projects in the future.