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The Scientist Expo

September, 2016

Client: LabX

Tags: Drupal,responsive

Development notes: 

The Scientist Expo is another site we developed for LabX Media Group. I did both design and development for this site. The original plan was to base both the design and functionality on a website for another conference site run by a colleageue of our client's (who gave permission for us to do so). As development progressed, we found that Lab X had different requirements, and what we actually built was quite different from our original plan. Drupal's strengths also contributed to these decisions: were able to build things in a different way from the inspiration site (built on Wordpress). 

This site has a lot of interesting components. Behind the scenes there is a system for users to register for an account and submit session propsals ("Abstracts") for the conference. The administrators can then filter and approve the abstracts in the admin panel. Once Abstracts are approved they will appear publicly on the site. 

The core functionality for the site is built with Drupal 8 core. A few helper modules were added to improve the user experience and help with displaying content in interesting ways.

For more information about the development of this site in Drupal 8, read the Case Study on