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April, 2013

Client: MonsterFarm

Tags: Drupal,theme,CSS

Development notes: 

Features of this site include:

  • Home page with slideshow, events calendar
  • Hours feature dynamically displays THEMUSEUM's hours for today
  • A variety of menus. In order to reduce complexity for the client, the menus are split up and styled in different ways using the Menu Block module. For example, the Membership/Educators/Rent/Corporate menus shown in the large footer area is actually one big menu. There is also a contextual secondary navigation menu that only appears in certain sections (see About, for example).
  • The Events section includes a variety of Calendar displays using Drupal's date and calendar modules. The dynamic "Upcoming Events" block was particularly difficult to configure

One of the most interesting aspects this site is the Exhibitions area (see example). In this section, the client can choose a colour for the menu for that particular exhibition. This was implemented as a simple text field where the client can enter a colour value. The value for this field is then rednered as part of some inline CSS in the theme template file.