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Toronto Artscape

Development notes: 

This is another site I developed in Drupal, based on a design by MonsterFarm. The site is actually a lot simpler than it looks. Modules used include:

  • Views
  • jCarousel
  • Menu Block
  • Gmap/location
  • Node reference

The home page is actually a simple set of blocks in regions, with the content generated by Views. I was able to have some fun with a bit of CSS3, using box-shadow for the subtle shadows on the blocks in the footer area.

The Projects section was the most interesting and challenging to develop. Each project has a location, which is displayed using a Google Map. Projects also have secondary pages, which are displayed in a menu in the large header area.

To complicate matters further, news releases may be associated with Projects, and Projects may have their own news sections. One of the big challenges here was to make it easy for the client to create a project News section and add it to the menu section for that Project. There are several ways I could have solved this problem. I chose to create a block view with news items associated with a particular project (passed as an argument through the URL). This was then added to the bottom of the content area on any pages with a URL ending in /news. To create a news section, the client simply needs to create a News page and connect it to the Project using a reference. The automatically-created URL should end in /project-name/news, ensuring that the news items for that project are added to the bottom of the page.