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UMN Technology Leadership Institute

December, 2015

Client: Origin Eight

Tags: Drupal,responsive

Development notes: 

This project was developed through Origin Eight: A Drupal-based development company from Minnesota. I have been working with them as a designer & front-end developer since September, 2014. 

On this project I was the lead designer and developer. I worked closely with the client to gather design requirements, build wireframes, and then designs. Once the designs were approved I also developed the site on the UMN Drupal platform. 

There are a lot of interesting page layouts on this site. The client was quite adept at using the Drupal UI so we could do quite a lot with Panels and Paragraphs. The Our Story page is a great example. I used a lot of re-usable classes to make it easy to apply different design schemes in different places.

A key part of this site are landing pages created for the Institutue's three main graduate programs. These use a slightly page layout but levetage a lot of the same content layouts used elsewhere on the site.