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uWaterloo Housing and Residences

Development notes: 

I worked for the Housing and Residences department at the University of Waterloo from April, 2006 through October, 2007. I was responsbile for all aspects of the department's website, including writing content, design (within the uWaterloo common templates), graphics, code, and some minor PHP applications. Throughout this time I dramatically transformed the entire site, including enhanced content, improved writing, page designs for high-traffic sections, and developed some interactive features.

The design of this site was based on the standard uWaterloo "Common Look and Feel" releasted in 2005. I enhanced the design by integrating the colour scheme Housing used in print publications, widening the layout, and enhancing the navigation. I also completely re-coded the layout, removing several unnecessary containing div's in the process.

Working as an integrated member of the marketing team helped me to gain an understanding of marketing techniques. The website always reflected and responded to marketing strategies and timelines. For example, the "current students" section on the home page would move to the top of the page during key marketing cycles for upper-year students.

If I could change this now, i would try to streamline the content on the home page. This is a lot of text, and it's difficult to focus on the key areas.