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The Williamson Group

Development notes: 

The Williamson Group (TWG) is a benefits consulting and financial services firm from Brantford, Ontario. Some of the highlights of this site include:

  • Resources section with multiple file types, a variety of filters; related resources also display on content pages
  • Mirco-site capability with a different design from the main site (see example)
  • Separate mobile theme, with customized display for smaller screens
  • Multi-lingual implementation (English and French)

The Resources ection is particularly complex, with multiple ways to filter the resources based on file types or keyword tags. PDF files can be opened directly from the resource index page, and video resources open in a lightbox. Related resources are also displayed on content, matched by keywords.

The microsites were developed using three custom content types (Microsite home page, Microsite secondary page, and Microsite itinerary item), connected using entity references. A custom page template is used for these content types to display the Microsite header and footer. The client can choose the microsite banner image and title colour.

The mobile version uses a custom theme, which makes it easy to customize content display for smaller screens.

Mutli-lingual websites are not difficult to implement in Drupal: the tricky part is making sure translations are entered for all the text content, including various text labels and user interface widgets.

I did all of the development for this site: site building and theming. I also developed a few small modules to handle the newsletter form, and to create menu links for microsite itinerares. Design was done by my colleagues at Monsterfarm.